25 companies to consider for value investing.

Legendary value investors like Warren Buffet, Philip Fisher follow one principle – To generate superior returns in the stock market, it is not enough to find wonderful companies, but you need to buy them at the right price. While many of us have heard it multiple times, it takes homework and patience to implement the […]

3 ways to survive a recession and thrive.


With Coronavirus spread, global markets are gripped with fear. We see 15% plus correction across markets and you would see the same reflected with a drop in your equity mutual fund value or stock portfolio value. The situation may get worse and we could see a further decline or a recession. Stop binge-watching the news, […]

Build high yield dividend stocks portfolio

National Aluminium is available at 44% discount compared to 52 week high as of 6th March 2020

Coronavirus spread has led to slowdown in economic activities across the globe and fear of recession has stepped in. We already see 10% plus correction in SENSEX and are more likely to enter into bear market with further fall. While the situation is unfortunate, we need to have faith and build a high yield dividend […]

Prefer quality debt funds over fixed deposits

Debt funds especially short term or ultra short term are far more tax efficient than fixed deposits (FD) for people in tax bracket of 10% or more and are pretty consistent in terms of returns. Let’s understand why should we prefer quality debt funds over fixed deposits, when and how much to invest? Why do […]

5 ways to make extra money

Simple decisions add up to a big sum in personal finance. Today, I will tell you 5 simple ways to make extra money that would put about 15 lacs in your pocket over 50 years of adult life. I did it and it working like a magic. Check out if you can do the same […]

Achieve financial freedom in three steps.

Today, I will tell you why financial freedom is important and three major steps we took to achieve financial freedom and so can you. What motivated us to achieve financial freedom? I and my wife worked in multinational companies in the USA, earned in six figures each. We bought a new house. And before the […]

Save tax with HUF and earn 4 lacs tax free annually

Today, I will tell you what is HUF and how can you save tax with HUF which is separate entity for income tax purposes. You can enjoy 4 lacs of annual income with zero tax legally based on current tax brackets as of 2020. Who is eligible? If you are a Hindu or Jain or […]